Leaving Work At Work When Working From Home

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Working from home is the new normal now and you know what? It’s not as amazing as I thought it would be. For me, I have very social job and the main focus is outreach. So that has basically stopped. It’s been difficult and I’ve struggled at times feeling like I haven’t been doing my job or been helping my clients the best way I can.

This is a bad mindset to have and I always remind myself that I CAN ONLY DO SO MUCH! We are in the middle of a pandemic… we need to stop being so hard on ourselves! But, I know I’m not the only one struggling with this.

The biggest issue for me at first was ending my day and just moving on with my life. Usually when I work at the office I leave everything there and literally cannot do anything once I’m gone. This is a BLESSING! However, now that my office is my home… it can be a little more challenging.

Here are my tips for ending the day and leaving work alone to enjoy the rest of your life!


This is really step one for anyone working from home. If you haven’t done this already, DO IT! It will not only help you disconnect from work at the end of the day, but it will also boost your productivity during the work day. Sitting on the couch in your pajama’s is not exactly the best spot! Try adding this peel and stick white board to your work space to keep on track and feel more like the office!


Have you ever left work and realized that you forgot to do something? Then you spend the next 30 minutes writing down whatever it is that you forgot to do which then triggers other things you should do… now you’ve made a whole list of things to worry about and YOU ARE NOT EVEN WORKING? Yes. I’ve done that. I start writing my to do list for the following day during the last 30 minutes of my work day. This way I can figure out my plan, write down anything I didn’t get done, and feel way less stressed ending my day. If you like making a physical to do list check out this daily or weekly list!


If you are like me and have a work cell phone – it can be hard to not look at it if it starts to ring or make a notification sound! I found that at the end of my day, actually turning off the phone and putting it away in a desk drawer made me feel like the work day is OVER. I could relax and know that whatever comes up can wait until tomorrow because I won’t know about it until then when I turn on the phone again!


Now, of course I don’t mean you need to have plans with people or scheduled events every single day after work! That is crazy and you will be exhausted. All I mean is – have something you do after work. That could be making dinner, going to the gym/ home workout, going for a walk, binging a TV show, or really ANYTHING that you can think of that isn’t work related. I find that once I leave my little home office space I need to burn some energy so I started doing a 30 minute home work out pretty much everyday! It helps me finish my day off and also has turned into an amazing habit!! If you want to try some home workouts I would suggest checking out Popsugar Fitness!

Photo by @thecomfyreader
Photo by @thecomfyreader
Photo by @thecomfyreader

This is obviously not a comprehensive list BUT it’s a really good place to start and it has helped me so much with staying positive and feeling better with my work situation!

Let me know if there is anything you do to leave your work at work. Have any tips or tricks?

With love, Deanna

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11 thoughts on “Leaving Work At Work When Working From Home

  1. These are some great tips! I know what you mean, I find it hard some days to turn my laptop off, or just stop thinking about work. I’m currently thinking about an email chain right now because my brain won’t turn off! 😕 Sometimes I read after work, or I just jump into blogging (like I’m doing today 😅) I like that you work out, I should do that more!

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    1. It is seriously hard to turn work off especially when its sitting RIGHT there! Haha. I’m so happy you have ways to disconnect, its so important 🙂

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  2. These are some amazing tips!! I’ve been having such a hard time with WFH for so long. I enjoy it if it’s once or twice a week but now that’s its permanent for my company until further notice….disengaging from work mode is soooooo hard.
    I use a planner to set up my days but I think I might go back to a daily schedule layout (with times and everything) just so I can have a sense of control over my day.
    Thank you for sharing these amazing tips!

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    1. So happy they are helpful!!! Its honestly such a change for so many people. I know even myself, I had to make some serious changes in order for my mental health to be better! Hopefully you find what works best for you 🙂


  3. I think what helps me most is making a to-do list. It’s one of the tips I practice religiously and I’ll tell you there’s no better feeling then ticking off the last thing on your list and feeling amazingly accomplished 😌 As you should! 😀

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