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Setting Goals: It’s Hard, But Doesn’t Have To Be

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Are you a goal setter?

I can say with all my heart that I never set goals. I help people set goals for a living but I never set my own. What a crazy idea. I decided since it is October and I need some motivation to get on in life, I am setting some goals for the remainder of the year! I know, I know… this is probably weird to do so late in the year but you know what? I think it’s necessary and I need to set some goals for once in my life!!

When I thought about what I wanted to do I was honestly lost. I couldn’t figure out what was a “worthy” goal or if it was silly to list. I had so many thoughts going on… I had to just shut them out and just WRITE. I put down all my ideas on a paper. I looked through them and decided what ones seemed achievable in only a few months (I didn’t want to set myself up for failure). I don’t know why but setting goals feels stressful. Its like a commitment and I don’t want to let myself down. Does anyone else have problems with this? Maybe its why I don’t set goals!

So, after some thinking I came up with a pretty good list of goals that Im 100% sure I can handle by the end of the year. Lets have a look at my goals:

Create a Self-Care Routine

This is important to me because we all need self-care. I relized during my thinking process that I dont have a set routine. Do you? I have a few things that I enjoy doing like bubble baths, reading, getting some fresh air… but not a routine that happens daily.

Focus on my Blog

So, for anyone who has been here for a while, you know that I had waves of blogging like no tomorrow and blogging literally nothing. Since changing gears a focusing more on lifestyle I want to put more time and effort into it and really let myself try new things!

Read 70 Books

I set my Goodreads reading goal to 35 books at the beginning of the year (the only goal I set all year). I surpassed that number so now Im increasing it to 70! Do any of you set reading goals?

Improve my Writing Skills

This couples with focusing on my blog. If I want to bring my blog to the next level then I need to clean up my writing skills. It’s been a little while since college and writing papers all the time. I plan on taking a course online or something like that! I am a believer in always learning new things!

Eat Healthier Food

Does anyone else just love pasta and tacos? Am I the only one who could eat those foods every. single. day? Probably not. I have made steps to improve my eating habits but to be honest, its hard. Its really hard. So, I want to keep taking small steps to change this.

Take More Pictures

I have pretty much stopped taking pictures when I go on outings. I don’t know when or why I stopped… but I need to take more because it would be amazing to look back on memories and all of the fun things I’ve done!

Try DIY Projects

DIY is such a popular thing to do now! I have been wanting to make DIY bath bombs for so long. Its about time I just did it!

If I have any useful advice for setting goals it’s this: goals do not need to be big. They do not need to take a whole year to achieve. They do not need to cost money. Pick things that matter to you, big or small. No goal is a bad goal. Also – make them achievable! Be realistic with yourself and DO NOT put yourself down if you cannot handle it right now. Goals are forever, you can work on them your whole life.

If you’d like to use my goal setting template to share your goals with your friends, click here!

With love, Deanna

14 thoughts on “Setting Goals: It’s Hard, But Doesn’t Have To Be

  1. Good luck with your goals! I think you have some really great ones! The self care one I need to work on! I set a reading goal every year, this year I hope to read 100 books!😊 Taking more pictures, that’s one I want to do too! πŸ˜„

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  2. I definately feel that too, as I just don’t has the “drive” to keep pushing and end up dropping them — specially if it’s fitness.

    To be honest, I wasn’t a person to take lots of pictures anyway.. but it worsened up (when I already wrote I was aiming to take more of everything) with my mental health dropping and I just.. I wasn’t feeling pretty enough? My short hair looked wierd, I had many buttons and reddish things on my face, etc. etc.

    Goodluck with thoses goals, hopefully you can achieve them all before 2020 ends xx

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