First Impression: The Little Bookshop of Love Stories

Hey guys! Its been awhile since I’ve done a first impression post but I am reading a new book and I LOVE it so I need to share some thoughts.

The Little Bookshop of Love Stories by Jaimie Admans

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So, I want to start off by saying – I LOVE a story about books, or bookshops. I think they are always so fun and magical to read. So when I saw this on Netgalley I had to request it and sure enough, I was lucky enough to be approved.

I’m really liking the writing style. To be honest the first chapter kind of made me go “woah” because the chapter was very long lol and also because there were some REALLY long sentences. However, it was really descriptive and I like how the author explains things.

The main character, Hallie, is cute! She has horrible luck. She gets fired from her job and just bad thing after bad thing happen. I really feel bad for her!! But then she has a bit of a miracle happen….. she wins ownership of her favorite bookshop. WHAT!! How cool is that?? This made me instantly jealous. What book lover wouldn’t want to work/own a bookshop? Also, this bookshop sounds like its super cute so that makes it even better!!

I am only 3 chapters into the book but already hooked and loving it. It seems like it will be really cute and as the title states “Bookshop of Love Stories” – I am really hoping for some romance! Fingers crossed!

ALSO – This book was just recently published on May 8!

Do you like books about books?? Would you read this one?

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