First Impressions: The Lantern’s Ember by Colleen Houck

I have recently started reading The Lantern’s Ember! I have had this book on my TBR for SO LONG! Literally one of the first books I added to my “to read” list on Goodreads. It popped up and instantly I was interested because of the cover. The cover is so intriguing! It looks spooky and kind of Halloween-ish! Plus, the title is super interesting. I was already forming ideas of what the plot would be just from the title and cover and if you ask me, that is pretty awesome! I knew it was something I needed to read. Flash forward like 1 year…. I finally got my hands on the book thanks to BookOutlet! So happy!!

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First impressions: I have been nothing but amazed by this book so far! First off, we are following a lovely little witch named Ember. Ember is awesome and I am really enjoying her character so far! She is so spunky and rebellious which I love. Then we have Jack, a ‘lantern.’ He is very interesting and has a dark mysterious past that I hope we get to!

So far, I’m getting some Harry Potter, Halloweentown, Men in Black vibes… Its hard to explain without giving too much away, but essentially this book is full of creatures and mysteries and I am starting to see some similarities between those movies I listed which is GREAT because those movies were the best.

The author is doing such a good job of setting the scene and going into background information about the characters. I was a little worried about that part. I just finished a book that had so much potential but fell flat due to lack of background information and setting!! So, happy to announce this one is much better and the author has amazing writing skills!

Stay tuned for a full review 🙂

Is there a book you knew you needed just based on the cover?

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